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An idea that was coined during the pandemic to support the local market reaches their customers has now become a brand that caters to more than 500+ customers on a daily basis and more than 15-20 suppliers on board.

This is how “Samvriddhi” took its baby steps. Started off with a small thought of connecting buyers and sellers during the COVID-19, now acts as a bridge facilitating the sale of quality products which was unable to handle the pandemic disaster.

Samvriddhi, which signed up a few fashion and beauty products to begin the journey, now has suppliers across India who supply products ranging from sarees to jewellery.

Segments that Samvriddhi Caters

Home Décor





Sourcing of Products and Suppliers

Suppliers for Samvriddhi products are sourced in the most professional manner.

The market is first identified for a product, next to the specifications are explained to a list of suppliers, post which suppliers share in their feedback and suppliers are then selected based on the order-delivery routine.
The major idea behind this is “Go Vocal – For Local” which is the need of the hour!

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